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Key Messages from Board

Key Messages from Board

December 2018

Executive Board - Child abuse and exploitation was the overarching theme of the meeting.


  1. Essex Police shared peer on peer abuse trends across educational establishments. This followed updates about the recent implementation of the SET Sexual Assault Strategic Partnership Board (SASP), chaired by a senior Police Office and reporting to Safer Essex, Domestic Abuse Partnership Board and Criminal Justice Board.  The ESCB Executive (via its chair) will explore if the peer on peer abuse trends can be looked into further by SASP.


  1. A recent funding bid submitted by the Essex Office of the Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner to the Home Office, Early Intervention Youth Fund has been successful and will enable a new local Violence and Vulnerability Unit to be set up to support the violence and vulnerability framework.  A Violence and Vulnerability Project Manager will be recruited to coordinate the activity of the new Unit.


  1. Health are due to pilot in Southend and Basildon hospitals, the ‘‘red thread model’.  This involves having a youth worker in A&E settings to provide children and young people with someone to talk to who may be involved in gang culture.


  1. Essex Education Services will be rolling out a training programme called ‘County Lines’ to 60 schools across Essex between now and Summer term 2019 regarding gangs. It will mainly be a drama based session with a QA session afterwards. Training for professionals will be separate to that of the pupils.  Further details can be accessed via this link:


  1. Education representatives provided updates on Home Education, Children Missing from Education and Vulnerable Pupils, including an overview of the work of the new Elective Home Education Access Team launched in August 2018 by Essex County Council. There has recently been a consultation on home education and statutory guidance is expected to be released. It was agreed that Elective Home Education will be a topic for wider discussion at an ESCB Assembly in 2019, and consideration given to inviting some home educators to join the discussion.  


  1. Further discussion took place about the future of Essex Multi-Agency  Safeguarding Arrangements (MASA) to comply with the revised Working Together Statutory Guidance 2018. It was agreed that the Essex Safeguarding Children Board will retain its name/identity as it is a trusted and well-known brand across the county.  Consultation with wider partners will take place at the Assembly meeting in January 2019 and feedback will help shape our new arrangements. The three key statutory agencies (named in Working Together 2018 i.e. Health, Police and Local Authority) will bring the draft MASA plan for Essex to the ESCB Executive in March for agreement prior to publication in June 2019.




September 2018


Planning for new governance arrangements

The ESCB is planning for the transition to Multi Agency Safeguarding Arrangements by September 2019 . The principles of joint working across SET were discussed and will be explored further at the forthcoming SET Summit.  The thee key partners i.e. Health, Police and Local Authority will also have further discussions to draft an outline proposal of what the new arrangements might look like to then present to a future meeting of the Executive.


Child Death Overview Panel

The structure of the Child Death Review service may change as we transition to new arrangements following the publication of revised CDOP guidance.

Each area currently has its own local Child Death Review panel, so it may be more effective to have one monthly SET panel. Some of those meetings could be themed, for example, looking at neonatal deaths, teenage suicides, life limiting illnesses. 

The Child Death Overview Panel arrangements are SET wide, so with the changes to the safeguarding arrangements we are going to work together as much as possible with Southend and Thurrock.

Further information on these changes will be shared in due course once discussed with all partners.


Violence and vulnerability framework

Executive members agreed to accept the Violence and Vulnerability framework which is the wider Essex approach to dealing with gangs and violent exploitation.  They also extended the role of CSE Project Manager to Child Exploitation Project Manager. This agreement means a greater focus on the growing issue of gangs and less overlap between the work of the Safeguarding Board and the Safer Essex  and local Community Safety Partnerships as everyone will now  be working to the same high level plan.




June 2018


Child Sexual Exploitation

The Board agreed support for a wider remit of a Southend, Essex and Thurrock (SET) Child Exploitation Strategic Group to incorporate the work around criminal exploitation and gangs (focusing on violence and vulnerability) as well as the existing activity on CSE.


Working Together

The new Working Together to Safeguarding Children was published after the Executive meeting had taken place. The commitment made at the SET Summit held in April was that we anticipated there would be some aspects of the changes that must be made under the guidance which would be SET wide, and others that are more local. The Business Managers from the Southend, Essex and Thurrock Boards are currently working on a draft plan for the new partnership arrangements required by the new legislation and guidance. It was agreed that each area would have separate partnerships broadly similar to the existing Board arrangement but that where possible joint work would be strengthened and this would be reflected in the plans for each Board. A further Summit will be held in the autumn with the three key agencies across SET i.e. police, health and local authority agreeing the final plans.

The Child Death Review process will be reviewed when new guidance for this is released.

We are required to notify a national panel when we intend to carry out a Case Review, and they will now make a decision as to whether they feel it is a case of national significance. If so, the panel will appoint a lead reviewer and also fund the review. For cases that aren’t of national significance, we have a local review process in place that will be adapted in line with the new legislative requirements.


Thematic Review of Teenage Suicides

A learning event took place in June, put together by commissioners from Essex County Council (ECC) and mental health services supported by the ESCB, to consider some of the learning from the review of suicides in Essex as well as broader themes around mental health and wellbeing. There is a coordinating group led by ECC, tasked with implementing the suicide strategy across Southend, Essex and Thurrock. Part of this work involves training, which the ESCB and ESAB Learning and Development Sub-Committee will support. Campaign work around World Suicide Prevention Day will take place in September, in conjunction with partner organisations.